Climate change is here

The Challenge

Nearly everyone, everywhere will be impacted

It’s on us

The planet is changing. Our climate has already been changing and the change is accelerating.

For some it’s going to be bad – really bad. For many more it’s going to become disruptive enough to eventually consider relocating. 

Wherever you decide to put down roots, you won’t be able to look at the just past to determine how to build a safe home for your family in that location. You’re going to need insights from science to prepare for the future. 

We believe that every person should do everything they can to prevent climate change.

It’s not too late to prevent the worst case scenarios. We also believe that countless homes, businesses and lives can be saved by preparing ahead for the climate disasters that are on the horizon. 

The next great migration is already well underway in the natural world. Birds and animals have shifted their ranges towards the poles a bit more each year. Crops no longer grow as well in places where ground water is drying up. Oceans and lakes are changing, acidifying and are polluted with plastics – and the life in those waters is changing too. A significant portion of the wildlife on the planet has already disappeared and many more species are projected to be lost forever in coming years.

Humans may try to hold out as long as possible in some locations.

But when it gets too bad, remaining inhabitants will migrate as the animals have. The dramatic storms may prompt abrupt migration for some but many will hold out until their town becomes the next Katrina or worse before deciding that safer ground or safer homes are needed. 

And it’s true that as long as the land you live on is not submerged in the sea or at the foot of a volcano, you may be able to build something that will survive. But if you want to live connected to society, you need your whole town to also survive those storms. If recycled concrete dome homes or underground bunkers or ultra strong 20’ stilt homes are required to hold up in your future local climate, you’ll need to convince your entire town to join you in remodeling to minimize future loss.

Government and insurance bailouts will stop being funded at some point along the continuum of unsustainable inhabitation. 

Science is telling us what we need to do to prevent the worst and survive climate change.

It’s not enough to just donate to a wild life charity every once in a while anymore. It’s time for us to collectively rethink our housing and our lifestyles.

Are you ready to get started?